Adverse Possession

Are you looking to know more about adverse possession and how licensed land surveyors can assist you in obtaining an adverse possession survey in Melbourne or Victoria? If so, let us help you learn more about it.

Adverse possession is a legal principle that allows someone who has been in possession of land belonging to someone else for a certain amount of time to potentially gain ownership of that land.

The requirements for adverse possession in Victoria are pretty strict. The person claiming adverse possession ought to have had exclusive and uninterrupted possession of the land for a minimum of 15 years. This means that they need to have physically occupied and controlled the land in an open and peaceful manner without the original owner’s consent.

Adverse possession is sometimes referred to as “squatters law” and is part of Australian folklore. There are some specific elements to adverse possession, including non-secret and non-forced possession, open and exclusive possession, intention to possess the land, and possession without the title holder’s permission.

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Need for adverse possession survey in Melbourne or Victoria

Adverse possession surveys are important for several reasons.

  • They are necessary to establish legal ownership of a property, especially in cases where there is no clear title or when there is a dispute between multiple claimants.
  • These surveys are conducted by licensed surveyors who use specialised tools and techniques to gather evidence and create detailed reports that can be used in court.
  • Adverse possession surveys are particularly important in Melbourne and Victoria, where the laws and regulations surrounding property ownership are complex and often subject to interpretation.
  • Without an adverse possession survey, it can be difficult or impossible to determine who has legal ownership of a property, leading to ongoing disputes and legal challenges.
  • Adverse possession surveys can also help to protect property owners from false or fraudulent claims, as they provide a thorough and objective assessment of the evidence supporting a claim of adverse possession.

Overall, adverse possession surveys are important for ensuring that property rights are respected and that ownership disputes are resolved fairly and efficiently.

Why choose us for an adverse possession survey?

Prime Land Consultants can provide the expertise and guidance you need on amendment of titles and more. Our team of experienced land surveyors can help you resolve disputes, correct errors and gain ownership of the land that you have been occupying.

Our adverse possession survey services in Melbourne and Victoria can help prevent issues from arising in the future. If you wish to prevent adverse possession by creating a contract between yourself and the landowner. Our land surveyors can assist you in creating a simple written agreement that both parties can sign, which can help to avoid costly errors and ensure that everyone is satisfied with the agreement.

Adverse possession claims are often most prevalent in rural areas, where fences may be placed in the wrong location. However, our team has experience dealing with a wide range of properties, including those with old titles such as Point Lonsdale, Queenscliff and Newtown.

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