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We are a committed group of skilled land surveyors you can rely on to handle each residential and commercial land survey with competence and efficiency. Together we can enable quick and accurate processing of your development project. Our surveyors have a thorough understanding of council requirements for different projects and can produce surveys that adhere to pertinent planning acts. As your prime land surveyors in Melbourne, we will examine your documentation to ensure it complies with legal requirements so you are ready to begin work without hassles and with complete assurance. We are happy to work with land owners, developers, architects, builders, real estate buyers and more. Let us help you meet your land management requirements with ease. Connect for a free quote.

Prime Surveyors in Melbourne

Surveying is the act of measuring the distance, size, location, and shape of the land. It is also associated with mapping. At Prime Land Consultants, our licensed surveyors use this comprehensive information to produce accurate maps that detail the boundaries and measurements of different pieces of land. Contact our prime consultants today to learn more about our land surveying services in Melbourne.

We are a committed group of skilled land surveyors you can rely on to handle each residential and commercial land survey with competence and efficiency. Together we can enable quick and accurate processing of your development project. Our surveyors have a thorough understanding of council requirements for different projects and can produce surveys that adhere to pertinent planning acts.

Prime Land Consultants


At Prime Land Consultants, we understand the importance of a land survey when purchasing or developing land close to Kinglake Central. Whether building a new home or starting a development project, a land survey provides crucial information about the property that can help you make informed decisions and avoid costly mistakes.

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Importance of Land Survey Near Kinglake Central

Understanding Topography

It is essential to have a thorough understanding of the topographical features before making a property purchase. Professional land surveying service helps to find structural and soil problems, identify areas vulnerable to flooding, and obtain precise plot representations.

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Prime Land Consultants

Top Reasons To Choose Land Survey near Kinglake Central

When choosing a land surveying company, it is important to consider several factors to ensure that you work with a qualified and experienced team. Prime Land Consultants stands out in the industry, focusing on delivering high-quality and accurate land surveying services close to Kinglake Central. Here are top reasons why you should choose Prime Land Consultants:

• Qualifications

Prime Land Consultants’ team of qualified residential land surveyors have completed the necessary education and training to become experts in their field. We have the knowledge and skills to perform various land surveying tasks and ensure that all their work complies with industry standards and regulations.

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Types of Land Surveys near Kinglake Central

Boundary Survey

Conducted to determine correct property lines. Developers or property owners need boundary survey documents to install new fencing or apply for development consent.

AHD Survey

AHD Survey measures the heights of points on the ground concerning the Australian Height Datum (AHD), a national standard for height measurement in Australia. This survey determines a property’s height, slope, and underground service locations and is commonly required for construction and engineering projects.

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Work with the Experts

For architects, real estate consultants, and developers, as well as for building sites, infrastructure projects, and specifically for landfills and quarries, we provide a thorough prime surveying and mapping service. Since 2017, we have been offering aerial photography and land surveying services using 3D laser scanning, drones (UAV), and volumetric surveys using the most up-to-date specialised equipment.

We even provide “Confidence” Surveys, in which we conduct a less expensive survey for property buyers to ensure that the actual fences match the title dimensions they are buying.

Title Re-establishment Surveys

Feature & Level Surveys

Construction Set-outs

Town Planning

Land Development and Subdivision

Easement and Covenant Removal

Boundary Surveys

Lease Area Surveys Across Melbourne

Asset Posession

Adverse Recording

How Can We Help You?

What Makes Us Different

“There are no problems, only solutions”

Prime Land Consultants provide professional and reliable land surveying services in Melbourne. Our licensed surveyors have many years of on-field experience and will go above and beyond to meet your expectations.

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Fast Turnaround Guarantee

As we are very confident in the value and comprehensiveness of our fees, turnaround times and inclusions in this fee proposal, PRIME Land Consultants offers a best price guarantee/matching on written quotes offering the exact same or better turnaround times and level of inclusions and scope as outlined in our fee proposal.

Land Surveyors, Consultants and Town Planners Across Melbourne

Contactability/ Accessibility

At PRIME Land Consultants, we strive to be your ideal consultants. This means we are always easily contactable and accessible. It is our mission to be the fastest and most efficient at what we do, with strictly no compromise on the quality of our service. You can count on us.

Land Surveyors, Consultants and Town Planners Across Melbourne


All our surveys are fit for purpose for the longevity and duration of the entire project/development. This avoids unnecessary and unforeseen additional survey costs as it will be done well and right the first time, including all legislative requirements complied with (as they should).

Land Surveyors, Consultants and Town Planners Across Melbourne

High Quality Photos

Clickable and high quality site photos are attached to our Existing Conditions Plans. They enable ease of understanding site context and surrounds for the user as if you were physically there in person. This helps avoid any potential disruption at the planning/building permit assessment stage.

Client Feedback

MT Gmail AccountMT Gmail Account
22:07 01 Apr 24
Prime Surveyors were fantastic, very professional, quick and great value. Highly recommend.
07:53 19 Mar 24
Tried using you’re online chat to get some information on the website. Pretty much waiting 5 minutes for basic responses that are of no help or use. Haven’t used there surveying services but don’t offer online chats if no one is available to chat live, it just wasted 15 minutes of my time for a response when a general enquiry form could have sufficed for enquiries.
Thanh NguyenThanh Nguyen
21:03 03 Mar 24
Priced well within the market.Committed to their time frames and work completion times.Conducted site works within the day and submitted their quality plans in accordance with my requests.I wouldn’t think of any other surveyor to use! Thank you Prime Surveyors.
Marshall HongMarshall Hong
21:44 29 Feb 24
We have done a Title Re-establishment survey and feature & level survey for an existing house and The team at Prime Land Consultants have very good responsive communication, They have done a very excellent job for all of your surveying and development requirements. They have a very excellent level of technical skills to any project and are highly responsive to all customer requirements. Very high quality work and always great value. Good clean high quality CAD drawings and details with comprehensive data and 360-degree photos to provided. Very fast turnaround time with guaranteed delivery timeframes.Would highly recommend the team and will for sure chose their services for our future projects.Thank you Prime
Melissa BaileMelissa Baile
09:36 27 Feb 24
Francis was extremely helpful and very prompt. He provided immediate assistance and provided an exceptional customer experience. I could not recommend him enough. Thanks again!
Alan MitchellAlan Mitchell
02:42 13 Feb 24
Prime Surveying Land Development (PSLD) were wonderful to deal with. Always attentive and on top of the POS (5 townhouse development in Camberwell) and extremely helpful with what we had to get to them (checklist so nothing was missed). WeiWei Lee in particular was wonderful to deal with. When the usual rush came at the end for the final POS & titles as they were so organised this ran really smoothly. This was the first time we have used PSLD (architect referral) and we will definitely be using them again on future projects.
Bansal ImmigrationBansal Immigration
03:55 19 Jan 24
Excellent service. delivered as promised. Prompt to receive calls and solved my queries. Highly recommended.
Bonnie MillsBonnie Mills
04:58 06 Jan 24
Francis provided prompt and highly valuable advice on a boundary concern we had on site. He went above and beyond to help us find a solution and by doing so saved us a lot of time and money. Will definitely be using them on future jobs and have confidence recommending to clients in future.
George PrimoGeorge Primo
21:41 14 Nov 23
I would like to acknowledge the exceptional customer service I received from frank and his team, they kept me updated throughout the entire process and when I had a query about a specific stage , the team responded promptly and professionally. Overall, my experience with Prime Land Surveying was outstanding..!!Love you guys..
Matthew KlagesMatthew Klages
07:53 30 Oct 23
Highly recommended! The team at Prime Land Consultants do an exceptional job for all of your surveying and development requirements. Francis, Tony, Raymond and all of the team bring an outstanding level of technical expertise to any project and are highly responsive to all customer requirements. Very high quality work and always great value. Thank you Prime
10:16 05 Sep 23
I had the pleasure of speaking with Francis and his team recently, and I cannot speak highly enough of their exceptional service. From start to finish, they exceeded my expectations in every way and the professionalism and expertise they showed stood out from the moment we made initial contact. They were prompt in responding to my inquiries with great detail and went above and beyond to accommodate my specific needs and timelines to resolve a dispute. Their clear communication and willingness to address any questions or concerns I had were greatly appreciated and I cannot recommend them highly enough! Thank you so much!
11:08 23 Jul 23
When u fall in love with some1 at first sight usually u might have no idea what behind that person back , you just feel like this one is the best for me just like Prime Land Consultants . You guys l just feel like you are the best keep impressing people with your good work . My daily wish is to join Prime Land Consultants as Land Surveyor#proudly🇿🇼
Josh WJosh W
11:15 20 Jun 23
I couldn’t speak more highly enough of the team at Prime. I was let down by another land surveyor and was in desperate need for someone to come out at short notice to give me some critical reference marks before I pored a concrete slab for a new building. Prime not only came out and did the job , they set the bar very high with their attention to detail and communication.CheersJoshCoburg VIC
Mai Lin YongMai Lin Yong
00:29 21 May 23
Great service. Prime helped us to resolve a boundary issue with a potential new purchase. They were responsive, personable and a pleasure to deal with.
Michael BakerMichael Baker
09:06 03 Apr 23
From start to finish, Prime Land Consultants were fantastic to work with on a NICO Subdivision application.They were highly responsive and eager to answer any questions I had. They also recommended a conveyancer with experience with the particularly subdivision application, which made the process much smoother.Highly recommend. Would work with again without a second thought.
Greg WebberGreg Webber
10:11 08 Feb 23
Just a very brief note to state that Prime honoured their side of the deal by being very fast to provide us with our survey plans and drawings. Tony Nguyen was our contact who was most professional and friendly. The two man crew who attended to conduct all the survey measurements were two young friendly lads too. My experience with Prime would be rated 5/5

Google rating score:5.0 of 5,based on 45 reviews.


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