Our Team

Prime Land Consultants Team

Prime Land Consultants staff are experienced, professionals, and reliable. Having such a strong team enables us to bring in extra crews to work on projects as or when required, providing flexibility to meet peak demand or unforeseen circumstances, particularly on large projects.

One of the keys to Prime Land Consultants success is our staff. The combination of experience and enthusiasm along with professionalism presented by over a total of 15 years of Survey industry experience and over 30 years of extensive Property Development/Construction and Project Management/Engineering will afford you the peace you need.

Prime land survey director

Jimmy Goh


Jimmy is a very experienced land development consultant with over 40 years of experience in New Zealand, China and Malaysia. He was originally from Malaysia and project managed and developed numerous large-scale residential and commercial projects until permanently residing in Australia since 2012. Qualified as an engineer, his storied career has equipped him with background and vast knowledge in all aspects of land development.

prime land survey director and licensed surveyor

Francis Goh

Director/Licensed Surveyor

Francis is a Licensed Surveyor who specialises in land development planning, complex cadastral and feature surveys. With over 10 years of experience, Francis brings a wide ranging skill set to all projects that he is involved in. Being a land developer himself with projects under his belt, he understands the intricacies involved and is able to provide tailored advice for clients to make informed decisions at all stages of the development process.

Prime land survey manager

Tony Nguyen

Survey Manager

Tony is a qualified Surveyor who specialises in residential and construction surveying. Being highly proactive and extremely resourceful, he was able to quickly attain the role of a Survey Manager in a relatively short period of time due to his “no problems, only solutions” approach. Using this approach, he is able to thoroughly identify and resolve any issues which inevitably present in any projects without much of a hassle.

Prime Land survey team leader

Ivan Goh

Team Leader

An invaluable member of PRIME who has been with us since its inception, Ivan is a proven leader with exceptional professionalism shown in all of his endeavours. He is a senior surveyor with years of experience and assists with supervising the other surveyors in the company.


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