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If you’re looking for professional advice in property development, Prime Land Consultants is here to help. As a trusted name in property development management, we excel in property development consulting. With our network of expert consultants and several decades of experience in project marketing, property management, and property law under our belt, we provide specialised assistance when it comes to property development. Trust us to provide management, legal, and consulting services to support your property development endeavours. Simply get in touch with our experts for advice and let us achieve your property development goals with ease. Get a FREE quote.

Why Consult a Property Development Expert?

Consulting with a property development or land surveyor expert is crucial. Not only do they offer valuable guidance and suggestions, but they can also help you plan better beforehand so you benefit more by purchasing or developing your property. A professional and qualified land surveyor will conduct a property survey to gather information about various aspects like your plot location, vegetation, and fences, the slope of the land, building heights, road features, and existing utility services. Being responsible for mapping and measuring the land to establish property boundaries, they can also provide accurate details about your property’s topography among other improvements. This information can assist you in making well-informed decisions about whether to invest in a piece of land. It is thus advisable to consult with a property development and land surveyor expert before you make an investment.

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At Prime Land Consultants, we realise that every property development project is unique and requires a tailored approach. That’s essentially what our team takes pride in. Our property and land development consultants have extensive experience in the industry and can provide you with tailored advice to help you achieve your project goals.

We offer a range of advisory services that cover the entire lifecycle of your project, ensuring the best possible results and return on investment.

If you are a landowner seeking strategic advice, regardless of the stage of your project, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our project development advice can help you optimize the value of your existing property.

From conducting a thorough development feasibility review to due diligence, development approval, construction management, infrastructure agreements, and general development management advice for local or international developers, we provide a comprehensive solution under one roof.

With a deep understanding of the property market and its challenges our extensive experience and insights will help provide you with the guidance you need to make informed decisions about your property development project. Aside from paying keen attention to detail, we follow total transparency when delivering any form of professional advice. Allow our team to work closely with you and create a tailored plan that meets your needs and goals.

Why Us for Property Development Advisory?

For several years, Prime Land Consultants have been helping property owners and buyers in and around the Melbourne area make strategic decisions and can help you too.

Our experts have worked with properties of several sizes, types, and complexities. What’s more, with decades of expertise under our belts, our team of property development management experts will help you achieve a significant return on your investment, providing the right strategic guidance and decision-making support you need for your land.

All our projects are also supervised by industry professionals who possess a deep understanding of Melbourne’s property market. Our team consists of specialists in various fields, including lawyers, accountants, draftsmen, surveyors, and project managers, ensuring we have all aspects of property development covered for you.

Just get in touch with Prime Land Consultants today to discuss how we can help you maximize your property investment for a brighter tomorrow.

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Frequently Ask Questions

The person who requests a boundary survey is responsible for paying its costs. Most frequently, a buyer of real estate who plans to buy the property and develop it later requests a boundary survey. A boundary survey aids the buyer in better decision-making, comprehending land divisions, negotiating, etc. On the other hand, a property seller may occasionally request a boundary survey in order to gather all pertinent data for potential buyers and expedite the selling process. In this case, the property seller pays for the survey. Additionally, there could be a title issue between neighbours about the boundary of their properties. If a survey is done in this situation, the cost is split between them.

The boundary re-establishment survey is the procedure used by surveyors to re-establish a property boundary that has been lost or forgotten. It could be damaged due to natural and man-made occurrences. Additionally, it helps prevent future title issues.

To find out who is responsible for the boundaries, you need to check Title Register; further, if it is the case of unregistered property, you need to verify the Title Deeds. These will frequently outline the specific boundaries that you must uphold.

A land survey plan called a “Site Analysis Plan” is used to understand your site and its surroundings. This makes it possible for interested parties to recognise potential opportunities and constraints for a development site.

Before issuing the lender’s title insurance policy to a title company, some lenders require a survey or certification from a qualified surveyor. This isn’t always necessary, though. In new real estate transactions, the seller’s earlier survey is frequently used as well.

If you need a licenced surveyor to measure your property, contact the professionals at Prime Land Consultants. You can reach us by phone at (03) 8316 1308 or by email at [email protected]. Visit our websites to learn more about title re-establishment surveys and title boundary advice.

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