Town Planning in Melbourne with Prime Land Consultants

Do you want to ensure that people’s lives are as comfortable as possible before building a town? Do you wish to offer residents the liveliest lifestyle? If so, our land planners in Melbourne can assist you in making it happen.

Prime Land Consultants is one of the most experienced and reputable town planning consultancies in Melbourne and Victoria; we have been assisting businesses in reshaping the urban environment for several years now.

The foundation of our expertise lies in our incomparable achievements and aptitude for navigating complex planning projects and development control environments. We produce best-practice results for developer, governmental, and institutional clients in the commercial, residential, industrial, mixed-use, major infrastructure, mining, and tourism sectors.

Your development dreams can become a reality with the assistance of our town planners in Melbourne. Make the first step toward realising it by giving us a call right away!

Our Town Planning services in Melbourne and Victoria include:

  • Pre-purchase town planning feasibility
  • Pre-development town planning feasibility
  • Town planning permit application for development
  • Town planning permit amendment
  • Town planning for subdivision
  • Licensed premises application

What does a Town Planner in Melbourne do?

A town planner can be summed up as one of the key players in town development. They are a mix of surveyors, engineers, designers, and lawyers. A skilled town planner in Melbourne needs to have a comprehensive understanding of the entire development industry as they put together your application to the Council.

A town planner must also ensure that your development project complies with all applicable laws, including development control plans, local environmental plans, state environmental planning policies, and numerous other rules.

Town planners make dealing with councils, the Department of Planning, Industry, and Environment, and other governmental agencies easier. They are aware of what to do, when to do it, how to obtain it, and who to obtain it from when it comes to development approvals. They facilitate, speed up, and lower the cost of the development process.

Are you looking for town planners with prior experience in Victoria and Melbourne? Get in touch with our qualified and experienced town planners today!

Town Planning Services in Melbourne and Victoria

Experienced, knowledgeable, Professional, and highly successful in brokering development approvals, our town planners are experts in undertaking planning permit applications for various projects, including residential, commercial, industrial, rural, infrastructure and subdivisions.

Do I need Town Planners in Melbourne?

Many developers initially try to cut costs by looking for the least expensive town planner or by creating their development applications by themselves. However, no development project goes off without a hitch, and a good town planner will come in handy when the Council rejects a town planning application, neighbours file complaints, and architects submit plans that don’t adhere to design guidelines. Additionally, delays in the development process can be expensive, which is why hiring a competent town planner is crucial.

Hire our town planners in Melbourne to ensure a hassle-free completion of your town planning project.

Frequently Ask Questions

For someone without experience, getting town planning permission can be very challenging, especially given how frequently the law changes. Town planners are well-versed in regulations and can be extremely helpful in securing approval for projects with intricate requirements.

Health, convenience, beauty, and environment can all be summed up as the four main goals of town planning. Want to know more about town planning in Victoria, contact our office today!

A city can give its citizens access to all necessary services, attractions, and amenities with a well-planned layout. At the same time, the negative aspects of urban life are lessened, resulting in a healthier lifestyle overall and a higher standard of living.

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