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The 5 Types of Land Surveys You Need to Know About in Melbourne

When you purchase a piece of land, there are many factors you need to consider before finalising the deal. For instance, is there a risk of flooding? Are there any restrictions on building or road access? Are there any restrictive covenants that could affect your use of the land? If you answer “yes” to any of these questions, a land surveyor can help:

  • A land surveyor uses geospatial techniques and measurements in order to measure the size and shape of a parcel of land, its boundaries and its adjoining properties.
  • A land surveyor will also identify natural hazards as well as other existing conditions that may impact the use of the property.
  • A land surveyor will also be able to assess if it is suitable for your intended purpose.

There are different types of surveys used in real estate transactions, each with their own purpose and use. In this article, we will discuss the most common land surveys that real estate agents and buyers conduct in Melbourne. But first let’s take a look at why you need a survey.

Why You Need a Land Survey?

When you buy a property, you will need to know exactly what you are getting into. A land survey is the best way to learn everything there is to know about the land you are buying.

  • A land survey will tell you everything from the exact size of the property to the type of soil and terrain.
  • Land surveys can also tell you about any easements or encroachments that might affect your property.
  • A land survey can reveal any hidden surprises and help you make an informed decision about your purchase.

Not only is a land survey essential for home buyers, it’s also important for business owners who are planning on building on a vacant lot.

If you are thinking about buying property in Melbourne, get in touch with a local land surveyor today. At Prime Land Consultants, we will make sure you know everything there is to know about the property you are buying.

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Types of Land Surveys

There are many different types of land surveys, and they can be used for different purposes. Some of the most common types of land surveys include, Titles Surveys, Easement Surveys, Feature Surveys, etc.

A land surveyor will typically use a combination of these types of surveys to provide you with a complete picture of your property. You should always hire a licensed land surveyor for any type of land survey in Melbourne.

We, at Prime Land Consultants, are highly qualified and can help you with any type of land survey. For more information about land survey in Melbourne, please get in touch with us.

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Title Re-establishment Surveys

The surveyor will conduct a Title Re-establishment Survey to determine the precise location of a property’s legal boundaries.

This survey is only authorised by a licensed surveyor (registered under the Surveying Act of 2004) to do so.

A Title Re-establishment Survey is usually completed for the following reasons (but not limited to):

  • To identify the lot’s boundaries for design or sale/purchase purposes,
  • to uncover any encumbrances, easements, or restrictions on the title,
  • to resolve boundary disputes between neighbours,
  • to enable detailed design for construction,
  • and to enable construction in accordance with the design (which is often related to the title boundaries and dimensions).

The data and information in a title re-establishment survey should be as accurate as possible. Incorrect data and information can lead to significant issues during construction such as wrong materials being used or inappropriate design. In the worst-case scenario, incorrect data and information can cause significant delays, cost overruns, or even the project being completely abandoned.

If you need help with a title re-establishment survey, please contact our team of professionals at Prime Land Consultants. We are experts in title re-establishment surveys and have an extensive knowledge of the law and procedures.

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Feature Surveys

You will need a Feature Survey done if you want to build or develop on any land or property. It is possible that the necessary paperwork will vary based on your local council or authority, but a survey conducted by expert surveyors will be necessary.

Feature Surveys are usually conducted by licensed surveyors who are able to read maps and use Global Positioning Systems (GPS) to determine the location of a property and any features that may be present such as fences, topography and slopes, trees, drains and utilities, contours, etc.

This will be given in a plan of existing conditions (POC) which will be used in the development planning process.

If you need a survey done on your property, then you will need to contact a licensed surveyor and they will be able to provide you with a quote. We, at Prime Land Consultants, have a team of qualified and experienced surveyors in Melbourne who provide you with all the necessary information on the survey.

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Set-Out Surveys

A Set-Out Survey is a surveyor’s report of the position and alignment of key points from the design onto the land by taking measurements from the design plan and transferring them to the ground, establishing key points as a way to guide builders and ensure accurate construction.

The measurements are then transferred to a drawing and issued as a construction drawing which shows all of the building, road or utility positions on that particular site.

The accuracy of the set-out survey is paramount as it will form the basis of subsequent work on site and will also be used as the reference for all future inspections of the building.

Set-out Surveys are carried out by a licensed surveyor who has the necessary knowledge and experience. The surveyor will work with an architect to ensure that the design meets the client’s needs. The surveyor will also work with a builder to ensure that construction is carried out in accordance with the approved design.

If you have any further questions about the set-out survey, please feel free to contact Prime Land Consultants today! Our land surveyors in Melbourne can offer advice on the set-out survey and also carry out the survey on your behalf.

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Subdivision Surveys

Land subdivision is a term that refers to the act of dividing up an area of land into smaller sections where multiple lots can be developed.

Subdivision surveys are commonly required when an existing property is being divided into multiple lots, either for sale or development purposes.

Subdivision surveys typically include a review of the existing property along with a description of any existing structures, amenities, and zoning regulations. They may also include a review of any relevant easements or encumbrances.

A subdivision surveyor is responsible for assessing the suitability of the land for a proposed development and producing a report that shows where the boundaries are, how many lots there are, and what the land is used for.

The surveyor should also identify any existing easements or encumbrances, such as power lines and water pipes.

The surveyor will also need to verify that the proposed use of the land complies with any zoning regulations.

A subdivision survey is typically conducted by a professional surveyor who has experience in property subdivision surveys.

We, at Prime Land Consultants, are experienced in performing subdivision surveys. We have the knowledge and skills needed to ensure that all required information is recorded accurately. This will ensure that your subdivision survey report will be accurate and complete, and it will serve as a valuable piece of documentation for the future owners of lots within your subdivision.

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Easement Surveys

If you have any easements on your property, you will need to have them mapped and recorded. This includes easements for electricity, gas, phone and cable. A land surveyor can also record rights of way, including tracks and footpaths, and any other easements.

It is important to keep track of these easements, as each easement has a different legal status. For example, an easement for drainage is a statutory right which can be enforced by the local council. A right of way, on the other hand, is an easement that a landowner grants to another person. It is not enforced by the local council and can be revoked at any time.

How Much Does a Land Surveyor Cost in Melbourne?

The cost of a land survey depends on the survey itself. Some surveys are more comprehensive than others, and the prices will vary accordingly.

Because there are so many factors that can impact the cost of a survey, it is important to take the time to comparison shop before making a decision. By getting quotes from several different providers, you can ensure that you are choosing the best option for your needs.

For a free-obligation quote, contact Prime Land Consultants today! Our land surveyors are experts in their field and are always at hand to answer any questions you have about your property.

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What Are Some Things I Should Look for When Hiring a Land Surveyor?

There are many different land surveyors in Melbourne and surrounding areas that offer their services, but not all of them are going to give you what they promise. In fact, some might end up costing you a lot more than they should because they don’t know what they are doing.

Here are some things you should look for when hiring a land surveyor:

  • When you are looking for a land surveyor, you want to make sure they have experience in the industry and that they are licensed.
  • A good land surveyor will also be able to provide you with an estimate of the cost of a land survey and how long it will take before it is completed.
  • You might also want to look for a land surveyor who has a good reputation in the community and is known by other people in the area.
  • Finally, you want to make sure that the land surveyor you are working with will be able to provide you with accurate information and a full written report of their work.

Final Thought!

Land surveys are a powerful tool in the world of property, and it’s a good idea to invest in one if you are planning on buying a piece of land. A land survey is an essential part of the process that helps you to make an informed decision about your purchase.

A land surveyor can help you avoid mistakes and make sure you are getting a fair deal. Without a land survey, it’s possible that your property will not be legally owned, and you will be exposed to legal battles.

With a land survey, you can make sure that you are getting the most value for your money. If you want to learn more about land surveys, please get in touch with our team of experts.

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