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Surveying is the act of measuring the distance, size, location, and shape of land. It’s also associated with mapping.

At Prime Land Consultants, our licensed surveyors use this information to produce accurate maps that detail the boundaries and measurements of different pieces of land. Contact us today to learn more about our land surveying services in Melbourne.

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Who We Are

We are licensed land surveyors, land development consultants and town planners with project management and land development expertise. We take pride in delivering a quality and professional product, with tailored solutions to meet every and any clients’ requirements.

Land Surveyors, Consultants and Town Planners Across Melbourne

What is Land Surveying?

Land surveying is the science, art, and technology of measuring land. Land surveying is mainly done to identify property boundaries and it is used for the purposes of selling the property, leasing out the property or for enabling construction of buildings.

Land surveyors are also involved in drafting legal descriptions of land parcels. The most common type of surveying is cadastral surveying, which involves measuring and registering land parcels to enable ownership and usage rights to be established and maintained.

If you are looking for a fully qualified land surveyor in Melbourne who can help you with anything from boundary disputes to parcel mapping, then contact Prime Land Consultants today!

Why You Need a Land Surveyor in Melbourne?

There are many different reasons for why you might need a land surveyor in Melbourne. If you are looking to buy or sell a property, or if you are looking to subdivide or develop your property, it is essential that the boundaries of the land are accurately identified.

It’s not uncommon for people to unwittingly purchase land with hidden problems, including easements that affect the use of the land. A professional land surveyor can help identify these problems before they become an issue.

Land Surveyors, Consultants and Town Planners Across Melbourne

What Can Land Surveyors Do for You?

Land surveyors are experts in measuring land and determining property boundaries. Their job entails the following:

  • Surveying the boundaries of a parcel of land to establish legal descriptions of its location and extent.
  • Determining the position (such as latitude and longitude) of the parcel’s boundaries and corners.
  • Subdividing parcels into lots, roads and other features.
  • Measuring elevation.
  • Surveying existing structures such as buildings, fences, and wells.
  • Measuring distances using advanced technology.

If you are considering building a house or other type of structure in Melbourne or elsewhere in Australia, you will need to hire a licensed land surveyor to make sure that everything is done legally.

Our land surveyors here at Prime Land Consultants are highly skilled and qualified experts in their field. No matter how big or small your project is, you can count on our licensed surveyors to help you get the job done.

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Title Re-establishment surveys

Feature & Level surveys

Construction Set-outs

Town planning

Land Development and Subdivision

How can we help you?

Melbourne Land Surveyor

Understanding the Land Surveying Process in Melbourne

Land surveying is an essential step to the development of any project. The process of surveying includes mapping, offsets, control points, and measurement.

It is important that the land surveyor has the relevant qualifications and experience for this type of work.

Land surveying can be done on any size parcel of land, but typically there are three different types: subdivision, Title boundary and feature level surveys.

Factors such as budget constraints, project complexity and desired accuracy will determine what type of survey is needed for your project.

If you need your property surveyed, then call Prime Land Consultants today for a free obligation quote.

What Makes Us Different

Land Surveyors, Consultants and Town Planners Across Melbourne

“There are no problems, only solutions”

Prime Land Consultants provide professional and reliable land surveying services in Melbourne. Our licensed surveyors have many years of experience in the field and will go above and beyond to meet your expectations.

You can rely on Prime Land Consultants for accurate and detailed results. We will provide you with the necessary data to make an informed decision about purchasing or leasing a property.

If you need any more information about our land surveying services, contact us today and we will be happy to assist you with any queries.

Our Focus

Love what you do, and you never have to work a single day of your life

The above quote best sums up our company focus. We love land surveying. We love town planning. We love land development. We love consulting. We love helping you achieve your project goals. So, this is not work for us, this is our burning passion.

Be it a simple backyard house extension, or a simple 2 lot land subdivision, or even a multi-storey apartment or shopping centre complex, come to us and we will gladly help you get there.

Besides our land surveying, project management and town planning services, we also have an array of professional relationships with top notch architects, award winning builders, accredited engineers and other consultants that we can help you draw on to your advantage with any or all of your project needs, at any stage of your project.

Even if there is nothing in your current project requirement which could use our provided services, we will gladly show you the way and point you in the right direction. Why? Because it is our burning passion to help anyone succeed in their land development journey.

Our clients

No job nor client is too small

PRIME takes great satisfaction and immense pride in providing our services to anyone who comes to us for assistance. Ensuring our client’s success with the projects we assist them with is what keeps us going every day. 

Here are just some of our client’s feedbacks:-

“Very prompt and efficient. Good communication. Staff member who carried out the survey was very pleasant and respectful.” Susan H, Mt Martha VIC

These fellas are top notch – polite and thorough – they communicated well and their quote was competitive.” Kelli, Richmond VIC

Yes, easy to work with, polite and punctual. We will use them again in the future.” Deborah F, Kilsyth VIC

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