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Land Development and Subdivision is No Small Task. Whether you have a large land holding ripe for development or an old four-bedroom house just begging to be knocked down and replaced with three modern units, land development and subdivision is a process fraught with red tape and potential hurdles.

That’s where expert land development and subdivision consultants, such as Prime Land Consultants, come in.

Even the most seasoned campaigners don’t take a stride forward without a trusted land development consultant by their side.

Prime Land Consultants are a favourite amongst experienced developers and first-time developers alike because of our holistic approach to land subdivisions and development in Melbourne.

Your Trusted Land Development Consultant in Melbourne

At Prime, we combine expert land surveying services with town planning and land subdivision expertise under one roof to become a one-stop shop for all Melbourne developers.

Why is the ability to combine these services so important?

Because they speak to the two key aspects in any successful land development process:

  • Our land surveying services play a crucial role in the successful subdivision of land and provide your architects, builders and design teams all the critical information they need to come up with a successful design.
  • Our town planning team will walk you through the process of seeking final approval from council and getting the go ahead to start your project, as well as providing crucial checks along the way.

What is Land Subdivision?

Land subdivision allows you to separate titles, sell off parts, or further develop the land. It may be a lucrative venture, but keep in mind that subdividing a property costs money in the first place.

Contact Prime Land Consultants to determine the best method of land subdivision to achieve your goals.

Why is Subdivision Important?

A landowner may increase the number of titles on a single piece of property by subdividing it. These may then be sold or further developed.

A title may be split into two or more pieces depending on local and state government laws. Not all properties can be subdivided since it is generally determined by the size of the land in the first place, as well as any title limitations or council rules.

Almost all developments in Victoria need a local council planning permission and a Plan of Subdivision signed by a qualified surveyor.

What is the Process of Subdividing Land in Victoria?

It’s important to understand that the land subdivision process will change depending on the type of land, the proposed subdivision and the location of the land.

There may be various timeline effects and delays, dependent on these factors. However, a great surveyor will be able to anticipate these problems and talk you through them.

Despite the individual factors of any situation, the basic process is as follows:

  1. A land surveyor performs a survey of the site.
  2. The survey provides an assessment that considers:
    • The impact on the neighbourhood.
    • Location of services to the land (gas, water etc).
  3. An architect will design the buildings based on the surveys.
  4. The subdivision is submitted to local council along with the designs to seek a planning permit from local council.

How can Prime Land Consultants help?

Don’t be intimidated by the land development and subdivision process in Melbourne. Prime Land Consultants is here to help.

By combining land surveying expertise with town planning capabilities, our professional licensed team hold your hand through your development and help ensure the whole process goes smoothly.

When you work with Prime Land Consultants, you can expect proactive communication, ensuring you know what is happening as soon as you need to know about it.

To experience the Prime Land Consultants difference and get your land development project off on the right foot, call us today!

Why choose Prime Land Consultants in Melbourne?

Prime Land Consultants bring extensive know-how and experience to every Melbourne land development and subdivision project we work on.

Our tried and trusted processes ensure our clients can count on reliable services delivered exceptionally by our friendly and responsive team.

Whether you have already started on the process and have found yourself stuck, or you are starting fresh and want to get off on the best foot possible, choose Prime Land Consultants to achieve your property dreams.

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