Construction Set-outs

What is Construction Set-outs?

A Construction Set-out Survey involves the determination of building footprints and construction gridlines.

Basically this means transferring a building design onto the land itself, establishing key points and using markers to guide the builders and ensure accuracy of construction.

Construction Set-out Surveys are important for these reasons:

  • They allow for the construction to be done in accordance with the approved designs;
  • They enable the construction team to build exactly to plan as markers are physically laid out in front of them.

How can we help with a Construction Set-out Survey?

We will firstly review and identify anomalies (if any) in the design drawings prior to heading out on site. Once on site, we will transfer the design onto the construction site by way of setting out construction grid-lines with survey markers and also establishing Temporary Bench Marks (TBMs) with an established Level in accordance with the design drawings for the rest of the Construction works to be based on. A Plan of Setout will be issued showing the results of our Construction Set-out Survey, which can be used for convenience throughout the construction process.

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