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What are Feature and Levels/Existing Conditions Surveys?

You will need such a survey for your property if you are planning on building or developing on any land/building. The paperwork required may be different depending on your local council/authority, but the need for a Feature and Levels/Existing Conditions Survey carried out by qualified surveyors will remain the same.

When Do you Need AFeature And Level Survey?

Any development or redevelopment project’s initial stages will probably call for one of these surveys. The land parcel you are building on, or making changes to, is subject to specific information requests from your local council. This enables the project to move forward with approval and the necessary permits. The results of the feature and level survey will be used by contractors, architects, and others as they proceed with your project.

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How Can We Help With a Feature & Levels/Existing Conditions Survey?

A Feature & Levels/Existing Conditions Survey conducted by us will include all features, above ground levels, contours, adjoining dwelling information, significant trees, vegetation, fencing, utility and drainage information within our survey extents, which will be shown on a Plan of Existing Conditions. This plan will then be used by architects, builders, designers and even the council for development planning, design and construction purposes.

Why is a Feature and Level Survey Important?

This survey serves several purposes for your building project. One of the most helpful features is that permanent site control can be established and coordinated to MGA (Map Grid of Australia), or local datum and elevations referenced to AHD (Australian Height Datum). This makes it possible to maintain consistency and standards across all project-related aspects.

A general feature and level survey sets the tone for the rest of the project. The design, construction, development of the land, and subdivision of the parcel will be influenced by the survey’s results. This survey’s completion at the beginning of the process ensures that no significant, expensive errors are made as construction moves forward.

Frequently Ask Questions

The proposed height at which a building or other structure’s floor (including any alterations and additions) will be built is known as the Finished Floor Level (FFL). A site/civil plan that includes accurate survey data for the development site and its surroundings nominates these levels. Want to get a finished floor level survey? Contact our surveyors today!

In surveying, levelling is the process of figuring out how high one level is in relation to another. It is used to determine a point’s elevation with respect to a datum or to determine a point’s elevation with respect to a datum.

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