Title Re-Establishment Surveys

What are Title Re-establishment Surveys?

A Title Re-establishment Survey is a survey only legally able to be undertaken under the supervision of a Licensed Surveyor (registered under the Surveying Act 2004)  to determine the exact positions of the legal boundaries of a property. It is generally undertaken for the following purposes including (but not limited to):-

  • Repairs or erections of perimeter; fencing/walls/buildings
  • Identifying of total lot area for land development design or sales/purchase purposes;
  • Identifying of any encumbrances, easements or restrictions on Title;
  • Resolving of boundary disputes/anomalies between neighbours;
  • Enabling detailed design for construction purposes;
  • Enabling Construction/Works in accordance with the detailed design (which is generally related to the title boundaries/dimensions).

How Can We Help With Title Re-Establishment Surveys for Melbourne

We will arrange for a survey crew to visit the property and undertake a detailed survey of your title boundaries including any perimeter fencing/walls/structures and its relationship to the boundaries.

The title corners will be marked with survey marks to enable the boundaries to be physically and easily identified on the ground. A Plan of Survey will be prepared and delivered showing the results of the Title Re-establishment Survey.

A summary of the results of the title re-establishment survey would be provided and finally, a Notice of Title Re-establishment will also be lodged with the Office of the Surveyor General in accordance with the relevant surveying regulations.

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