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Are you trying to figure out where your property boundary ends or starts? Do you want to know your ownership lines? Are there any boundary disputes between you and your neighbour that need to be resolved? If so, get in touch with Prime Land Consultants to solve your issues.

Prime Land Consultants, an expert and licenced land consultant company, can handle all title re-establishment survey requirements needed for your new home or building. Measurements, property boundaries, associated rights, ownership areas, property interests, restrictions, and more can be determined accurately by our qualified team of land surveyors in Melbourne.

A certified surveyor conducts each of our title re-establishment surveys. The property survey licence complies with Australian Standard surveying regulations. Want to get your site analysis survey done? Contact us!

What are Title Re-establishment Surveys?

A Title Re-establishment Survey is a survey only legally able to be undertaken under the supervision of a Licensed Surveyor (registered under the Surveying Act 2004) to determine the exact positions of the legal boundaries of a property. It is generally undertaken for the following purposes, including (but not limited to):-

  • Repairs or erections of the perimeter; fencing/walls/buildings
  • Identifying of total lot area for land development design or sales/purchase purposes;
  • Identifying of any encumbrances, easements or restrictions on Title;
  • Resolving of boundary disputes/anomalies between neighbours;
  • Enabling detailed design for construction purposes;
  • Enabling Construction/Works in accordance with the detailed design (which is generally related to the title boundaries/dimensions).

Is a Title Re-Establishment Survey Necessary?

Do you require a specialist for the site establishment survey? Many Australian businesses and homeowners ponder upon this question – whether they actually need a title re-establishment survey and, if so, what purpose does it serve?

A re-establishment survey is needed:

  • For building works
  • For subdivisions
  • When constructing a boundary fence
  • To settle differences or examine encroachments

Before planning any development project on your property, from general building work to subdivisions or as simple as building a fence, get the facts checked or verified by a professional land surveyor. The title boundary survey and the site analysis plan explain the fact, and once you have them, you are aware of your strengths and weaknesses.

A site establishment survey before construction or moving ahead on your project can help save money and time. It will ensure that you don’t move too far forward only to discover that you have to actually move quite far back. Furthermore, title advice will help you understand your property more clearly and get the facts straight from the start.

A title boundary survey is typically used either by itself or in conjunction with a features and levels survey (if using an architect). When both surveys are combined, you get a complete picture of the property.

Title Re-establishment Survey Experts

Our licenced title re-establishment surveyors use their experience and skills to define property lines and spot spatial implications. Whether it involves a small piece of property or a project worth millions of dollars, no land surveying project is too big or small for our surveyors at Prime Land Consultants. Our expert site re-establishment survey entails navigating the legal ramifications of land proprietorship within the Land Administration System and interpreting those ramifications.

To evaluate your land, we use the latest technologies, such as drones and more, to give you the best outcome. We respect your time and stand by our goal to provide timely, accurate information that you can use to make decisions.

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How Much Does a Title Boundary Survey Cost in Melbourne?

The cost of the title boundary survey varies from project to project across several factors. This could include the type of property being examined, its features, and how your land surveyor charges.

Title boundary surveys cannot be priced at a fixed rate because no two surveying jobs are the same. A smaller parcel of land with no vegetation will have a different cost for the border survey than a larger parcel of land with a lot of vegetation. As a result, there are numerous factors to take into account when estimating the cost of a boundary line survey.

Among them are:

  • Site location
  • Research and travel time
  • Shape, size, and dimensions of the parcel land
  • Accessibility and terrain of parcel land required to be surveyed
  • Reason for survey
  • Seasonal variations of the land
  • The type of equipment used and more

Please call us if you would like to talk about your situation in more detail. We are always ready to help you.

How Can We Help With Title Re-Establishment Surveys for Melbourne

We will send out a survey crew to visit the property and carry out a detailed survey of your title boundaries, including any perimeter fencing/walls/structures and their relationship to the boundaries.

The title corners will be marked with survey marks to enable the boundaries to be physically and easily identified on the ground. A Plan of Survey will be prepared and delivered showing the results of the Title Re-establishment Survey.

A summary of the results of the title re-establishment survey would be provided and finally, a Notice of Title Re-establishment will also be lodged with the Office of the Surveyor General in accordance with the relevant surveying regulations.


Frequently Ask Questions

A Title Re-establishment Survey is a legal survey to identify the exact position of the title boundaries of a lot, including its relationship to appurtenant occupation/fencing.

A Title Re-establishment Survey is typically required for any of the following scenarios

  • When a boundary occupation/fencing is required to be replaced.
  • When a planning or building permit application is required.
  • Upon commencement of construction of an approved planning or building permit application.
  • During pre-settlement of a property transaction.
  • When there is a boundary dispute between neighbours.
  • If there is ambiguity as to the exact position of the boundaries or associated easements.

For any sort of proposed development of a property, a Title Re-establishment Survey is often a question of WHEN and not IF it is required.

IF a Title Re-establishment Survey was not required for design purposes, then it would normally still be compulsory as part of a Planning Permit or Building Permit application, OR pre-construction commencement as most construction will require understanding the exact position of the legal title boundaries of the subject lot.

This type of survey are only able to be conducted under the direct supervision of a Licensed Surveyor registered under the Surveying Act 2004.

This type of survey is also particularly regulated under the Surveying (Cadastral Surveys) Regulations 2015 which outlines the following legislated requirements:

  • Physical marking of title boundaries where appropriate unless with a valid reason as to why;
  • Notification of the results of the survey to the Office of the Surveyor General within 60 days from the completion of the survey.
  • Researching of all survey and title information including pre-computations to undertake a field survey;
  • Field survey inclusive of marking of title corners*
  • Preparation and Delivery of Plan of Survey showing lot boundaries, dimensions, marks placed (where appropriate), easements and relationships to appurtenant occupation/fencing;
  • Notification to Office of the Surveyor General in the form of a “Record of having Re-established a Cadastral Boundary” survey plan*.

 These items are legislated requirements under the Surveying (Cadastral Surveys) Regulations 2015 and should ALWAYS be included as part of the Title Re-establishment survey.

While a Feature & Level Survey maps the existing conditions of a site, the existing conditions information will not be able to be related accurately to the legal title boundaries unless a Title Reestablishment Survey was also undertaken con-currently.

A great Title Re-establishment, Feature & Level Survey is defined by the following factors:-

  • Detailed – Comprehensive and sufficient survey information is required in order to maximise development and design potential, avoid any risk of time delay with a planning/building permit application and does not cause construction commencement delay. MOST IMPORTANTLY, a great Title Re-establishment, Feature & Level Survey should be able to stand the test of time throughout the entirety of a project
  • Timely – Time is invaluable. Any week of time delay in obtaining the Title Re-establishment, Feature & Level survey is additional holding/opportunity costs that is incurred throughout the lifespan of a project

The person who requests a boundary survey is responsible for paying its costs. Most frequently, a buyer of real estate who plans to buy the property and develop it later requests a boundary survey. A boundary survey aids the buyer in better decision-making, comprehending land divisions, negotiating, etc. On the other hand, a property seller may occasionally request a boundary survey in order to gather all pertinent data for potential buyers and expedite the selling process. In this case, the property seller pays for the survey. Additionally, there could be a title issue between neighbours about the boundary of their properties. If a survey is done in this situation, the cost is split between them.

The boundary re-establishment survey is the procedure used by surveyors to re-establish a property boundary that has been lost or forgotten. It could be damaged due to natural and man-made occurrences. Additionally, it helps prevent future title issues.

To find out who is responsible for the boundaries, you need to check Title Register; further, if it is the case of unregistered property, you need to verify the Title Deeds. These will frequently outline the specific boundaries that you must uphold.

A land survey plan called a “Site Analysis Plan” is used to understand your site and its surroundings. This makes it possible for interested parties to recognise potential opportunities and constraints for a development site.

Before issuing the lender’s title insurance policy to a title company, some lenders require a survey or certification from a qualified surveyor. This isn’t always necessary, though. In new real estate transactions, the seller’s earlier survey is frequently used as well.

If you need a licenced surveyor to measure your property, contact the professionals at Prime Land Consultants. You can reach us by phone at (03) 8316 1308 or by email at [email protected]. Visit our websites to learn more about title re-establishment surveys and title boundary advice.

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