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Why You Need to Get a Boundary Survey Done in Melbourne as Soon as Possible

You probably don’t think about getting a boundary survey done in Melbourne until you need to.

Maybe you’re planning on selling or leasing your land and know that accurate boundaries are an important step in the process. Or maybe you just want to know exactly how much land you own so that you can plan what to do with it.

No matter your reason for needing boundary information, there are plenty of good reasons why you need a boundary survey done as soon as possible.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the most important reasons to get a boundary survey done, and why you need to make sure you hire a professional.

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First, let’s take a look at the basics.

What is a Boundary Survey?

A boundary survey (Title Re-Establishment Survey) is the process of determining the precise location of the boundaries of your property. It involves marking out the exact position of your property line, and then recording this information on a map or in an official report.

The information that’s recorded at the end of a boundary survey will be useful to you for making decisions about how you want to use your land, and it can also be useful if you ever need to take legal action against someone who’s encroaching on your property (i.e., if they’re building something or storing materials on land that belongs to you).

Why Do You Need a Boundary Survey?

There are many reasons why you might need a boundary survey, but at the very least you’ll need one if you want to sell or purchase property. Without accurate boundary information, it’s impossible to accurately value your land or to know if there are any encumbrances, easements or restrictions on your property.

Here are some of the main reasons you might need a boundary survey in Melbourne:

  • Boundary Surveys Are Important When Selling Land or Property

If you want to sell or lease your property, you’ll need to know exactly where the boundaries of your land are. You’ll also need to be able to show prospective buyers and tenants the exact location of these boundaries.

Boundary surveys are an essential part of this process. They allow you to accurately value your property, and they can help potential buyers and tenants understand what they’re getting for their money.

  • A Boundary Survey Will Help You Avoid Conflicts with Neighbours

The last thing you want is to go to court over a boundary dispute. By having your property surveyed at the start of a real estate transaction, you will be able to avoid this from happening.

Your surveyor will mark out clearly where your property ends and where your neighbours’ begins, meaning that there should be no confusion if you ever need to take any action against them for encroaching onto your land.

This can also help avoid conflict with future neighbours, as you can use it as an agreement for what is acceptable on both sides of the boundary line.

A clear map of boundaries will make sure that everyone knows exactly where their land starts and stops, and this can help to reduce disputes in the future.

  • Boundary Surveys Are Required for All New Construction

In addition to needing a boundary survey when you buy or sell your property, you’ll need one if you plan to build on your land.

If you are planning on building a new house, you will need to get a boundary survey done before construction begins. This is because the land where your new house will be built must be surveyed and mapped before construction can begin.

You will also need to have this done for any other land that will be affected by the construction of your home.

  • Boundary Surveys Are Required for Subdivision Approval

If you want to subdivide your property, you’ll need a survey to ensure it complies with local council requirements. This will include ensuring there is enough land for the proposed development and that the subdivision doesn’t adversely affect neighbouring properties.

Why You Need to Hire a Professional Boundary Surveyor?

Boundary surveys must be conducted under the supervision of a Licensed Surveyor (registered under the Surveying Act 2004).

A professional boundary surveyor will be able to accurately determine your property boundaries and pinpoint exactly where your property ends.

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