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Do you need someone to delineate the boundaries of your property? Want to keep your neighbours’ boundary disputes to a minimum? Do you and your neighbours regularly fight over the boundary? If so, there is no need to look further.

At Prime Land Consultants, we have a team of certified land surveyors to help you establish clear boundaries for your property. They can survey your property and determine exactly where the boundary lines are according to your title deed. Want a boundary survey? Get in touch with our office today!

What is a Boundary Survey?

A boundary survey is used to formally establish a property’s boundaries. It mainly focuses on identifying the corners of a parcel of land. Before purchasing, subdividing, improving, or constructing land, people typically hire a boundary surveyor to commission boundary surveys. Once the boundary survey is completed, a fence/boundary surveyor will create the drawing.

Further, as measurements need to be precise, it is best to hire a professional land surveyor to do the survey and avoid possible boundary disputes. The drawing might show:

Lot dimensions: The dimensions of a lot come from the title deed, survey drawings, and subdivision plans. They display the precise boundaries of the property.

If you plan on making upgrades, including building a garage, a swimming pool, or other long-term alterations to the property, you need to commission a boundary survey.

Fences are typically used to identify a property’s location. They aren’t typically constructed on the boundaries of the properties, though. Fences can be depicted in the drawing, but they shouldn’t be interpreted as the property’s boundaries.

If the land surveyor has a copy of the title commitment, easements may be depicted on the drawing.

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Types of Boundary Surveys

A boundary survey is a land survey carried out with the guidance of a licenced surveyor to identify the lines and corners of the property as it is legally described on title documents.

Boundary surveys can be broadly divided into two categories:

• Original survey: It establishes lines within the property
• Re-establishment survey: Follow the traces of a prior boundary survey. Our land surveyors maintain a high standard of service to ensure that the lines are flawlessly traced.

What is the Cost of a Boundary Survey?

Each boundary survey is unique, and without first learning about your property, it would be difficult for any fence surveyor to provide an exact price. The size and location of the property, the amount of vegetation and foliage present, and the accessibility of the data needed to conduct our initial document research, all affect the cost.

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How Much Time Does the Fence Surveyor Takes to Complete a Survey?

Boundary surveys are usually a fairly quick process. When you contact Prime Land Consultants, we make every effort to respond on-site within 48 hours. The duration of boundary surveys can then range from two days to a few weeks. This gives us enough time to organise the work, complete it, and take all necessary precautions to ensure its accuracy and quality.

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Prime Land Consultants is the leading land surveyor and an established name in boundary surveying. We use the latest technology and state-of-the-art equipment to offer you fast and precise results every time.

When working with Prime Land Consultants, you can anticipate a dedicated single point of contact who will expertly manage your project. Our boundary surveyors arrive on site within 48 hours and offer constant, encouraging communication throughout.

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How Can We Help With Title Re-Establishment Surveys for Melbourne

We will send out a survey crew to visit the property and carry out a detailed survey of your title boundaries, including any perimeter fencing/walls/structures and their relationship to the boundaries.

The title corners will be marked with survey marks to enable the boundaries to be physically and easily identified on the ground. A Plan of Survey will be prepared and delivered showing the results of the Title Re-establishment Survey.

A summary of the results of the title re-establishment survey would be provided and finally, a Notice of Title Re-establishment will also be lodged with the Office of the Surveyor General in accordance with the relevant surveying regulations.



The person who requests a boundary survey is responsible for paying its costs. Most frequently, a buyer of real estate who plans to buy the property and develop it later requests a boundary survey. A boundary survey aids the buyer in better decision-making, comprehending land divisions, negotiating, etc. On the other hand, a property seller may occasionally request a boundary survey in order to gather all pertinent data for potential buyers and expedite the selling process. In this case, the property seller pays for the survey. Additionally, there could be a title issue between neighbours about the boundary of their properties. If a survey is done in this situation, the cost is split between them.

The boundary re-establishment survey is the procedure used by surveyors to re-establish a property boundary that has been lost or forgotten. It could be damaged due to natural and man-made occurrences. Additionally, it helps prevent future title issues.

To find out who is responsible for the boundaries, you need to check Title Register; further, if it is the case of unregistered property, you need to verify the Title Deeds. These will frequently outline the specific boundaries that you must uphold.

A land survey plan called a “Site Analysis Plan” is used to understand your site and its surroundings. This makes it possible for interested parties to recognise potential opportunities and constraints for a development site.

Before issuing the lender’s title insurance policy to a title company, some lenders require a survey or certification from a qualified surveyor. This isn’t always necessary, though. In new real estate transactions, the seller’s earlier survey is frequently used as well.

If you need a licenced surveyor to measure your property, contact the professionals at Prime Land Consultants. You can reach us by phone at (03) 8316 1308 or by email at [email protected]. Visit our websites to learn more about title re-establishment surveys and title boundary advice.

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