Licensed Land Surveyor

Land surveying is a critical aspect of land development and management. A licensed land surveyor helps determine the boundaries of a property, locate key features, and create maps and legal descriptions of the land. At Prime Land Consultants, we provide professional land survey services to assist individuals, businesses, and government agencies with their land surveying needs.

Our Licensed Land Survey Services Include:

Boundary Surveys

A boundary survey is a process that involves identifying the corners and lines that define the boundaries of a property. Our licensed land surveyors use advanced technology such as GPS and laser scanning to ensure the accuracy of our boundary surveys. We also conduct research on the property’s history to determine any easements or encumbrances that may affect the property.

Topographic Surveys

A topographic survey provides an accurate representation of the physical features of a property, including the elevation, contours, and drainage patterns. This information is critical for land development, engineering, and design purposes. At Prime Land Consultants, our professional land surveyors use advanced technology such as aerial drones, laser scanning, and ground-based survey equipment to provide precise topographic surveys.

ALTA/NSPS Land Title Surveys

An ALTA/NSPS land title survey is a comprehensive survey that includes all the elements of a boundary survey, as well as additional information required by lenders, title companies, and other interested parties. Our licensed land surveyors are familiar with the ALTA/NSPS standards and can provide accurate and reliable land title surveys.

Construction Staking

Construction staking is the process of marking the location of proposed structures and improvements on a property. Experienced land surveyors at Prime Land Consultants work closely with architects, engineers, and construction professionals to ensure that the proposed structures are correctly placed on the property.

Subdivision Planning

Subdivision planning is the process of dividing a large tract of land into smaller lots for development. Our certified land surveyors can assist with the planning and designing of subdivisions, including the layout of streets, utilities, and other infrastructure.

Land Development Consulting

Our licensed land surveyors have extensive knowledge and experience in land development and can provide expert consulting services to assist with all aspects of the development process. We can help with zoning and land use issues, environmental permitting, and regulatory compliance. Want to know more about our surveying services? Contact our office today!

Why Choose Prime Land Consultants?

At Prime Land Consultants, we are committed to providing our clients with accurate, reliable and fast land surveying services. Our licensed land surveyors have years of experience and use the latest technology to ensure the accuracy and efficiency of our surveys. We understand that every property is unique, and we work closely with our clients to ensure that their specific needs are met.

We are also committed to providing excellent customer service. We understand that land surveying can be a complex and confusing process, and we strive to make it as simple and easy as possible for our clients. Our land surveyors are always available to answer any questions or concerns that our clients may have.

Get in touch with our staff to resolve your doubts about land surveying and book our services.

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